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SCP 939-53 Add-on 1.16.40/1.16+

SCP 939-53 Add-on

We present to you a new addon that adds a new strong predator from the SCP version, namely 939-53. These creatures are very aggressive and will attack all living things that come their way. Be very careful, we draw your attention to the fact that only trained and experienced players can confront these hostile and deadly creatures.

Below you can see what the new predator looks like in the screenshot below:

the pedators

During survival, use fire to defeat this predator:

the pedators (1)

This predator is very strong and large in size as it mutated during generation:

the predator (3)

Predator description:

The new creature has 7878698 health points, damage 989898, is always aggressive and hostile towards all living creatures. The frequency of spawning is quite rare.

the predator (4)

the predator (5)

the predator (6)

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