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Zombie mobs have long ceased to be a challenge, even for beginners in Minecraft. Therefore, they need to be strengthened. While the developers are adding Swamp People, you can make Zombies even stronger with the mod MUTATED ZOMBIES. Now, they will start spawning even during the day and won’t burn, but they won’t wear armor or hold tools in their hands.

The feature of this add-on is that it does not use the zombie.json file, meaning you can implement other packs that change Zombie behavior.

As noted above, Zombies will spawn during the day and will not burn.

Ordinary animals will stop spawning, meaning survival will become harsher. There will be no more sheep at all.

Zombies will also stop wearing armor and holding weapons. In the screenshots, the author spawned the Zombies manually: such crowds of monsters will not appear in the game.

Zombies burn in lava, despite having immunity to burning during the day.

Mobs can also break Glass Panels.

First option: Slowness 2 on Zombies
Second option: Slowness 1 on Zombies
Third option: Standard speed
Optimized version: Some functions are disabled for increased stability and speed

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