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Elemental Ore Add-on 1.16/1.15+

Elemental Ore Add-on

We are pleased to present you a new addon that adds new ore, namely Elemental Ore. This ore in the Minecraft world will be an ore that consists of six other types of ores. After player has mined the Elemental Ore, it will drop one of the above ores. It is not at all difficult to find, in this, they are similar to iron ore. Do you agree that a mix of all ores is much better than running and mining them in different places separately? We think so.

Where to find the Elemental Ore?

This ore, which will naturally spawn, can only be found by the player with the Experimental game play enabled and in beta version of the game 1.13+.

If player play in survive in his Minecraft world and want to get a new ore, then he can find it only in those parts of the map which is not loaded yet.

Player can also find the elemental ore in cave, mine, and ravine. It spawns in layers from 0 to 64! The player can also mine it using the pickaxe.

Elemental Ore screenshot 1
Elemental Ore screenshot 2
Elemental Ore screenshot 3
Elemental Ore screenshot 4

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