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OrePigs Add-on 1.15/1.14+

OrePigs Add-on 1.15/1.14+

A new addon that adds new creatures such as pigs to your Minecraft world! These are unusual pigs, these are ore pigs. In total, eight new types of ore pigs will be added to the game. New creatures will give the player useful materials for your survival in the Minecraft world. This is a new interesting addon that will make your survival more fun.

As already mentioned above, new pigs will be added to the game which, after killing, will drop useful materials such as ores for your survival.

Unfortunately, pigs will no longer spawn in the Minecraft world, but this is not a problem, because with the help of a new addon a player can spawn any of the pigs using a special command or spawn eggs.

OrePigs Add-on 1.15/1.14+

The life expectancy of new ore pigs is from 0 to 6 hours. It depends on the type of pig. As previously mentioned, eight different types of pigs will be added to the game, each of which will correspond to a specific type of ore:

1. Gold;
2. Coal;
3. Iron;
4. Lapiz Lazuli;
5. Redstone;
6. Emerald;
7. Rainbow;
8. And of course Diamond!

In the creative inventory, players can find a spawn egg corresponding to each type of ore pig.

We draw your attention to the fact that the Rainbow pig drops any of the above minerals.

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