Emerald Town (Survival) (1.8+ Only) Emerald Town (Survival) (1.8+ Only)
Very interesting role-playing map, which is called Emerald Town. In
The Drow (Survival) The Drow (Survival)
This map is about creatures which can be tamed, such as Dark elves
SkyLayer Survival Map (Survival) SkyLayer Survival Map (Survival)
Another good map where you can challenge your skills and the skills
Premade Realm Map (Survival) Premade Realm Map (Survival)
New survival map is available for each player who wants to add new
SG Pocket Expansion Map (Survival) SG Pocket Expansion Map (Survival)
New map, which is been at first intended for Java version, but later
You vs Darkness Map You vs Darkness Map
Pretty interesting and difficult survival map for MCBE. Here you can
SG GenChunk Map (Survival) SG GenChunk Map (Survival)
Pretty exciting and at the same moment difficult challenge for you
The Curse of the Mandrake (Survival) The Curse of the Mandrake (Survival)
This map is pretty exciting for those who likes maps in survive
Paranoid: The Box Map (Survival Challenge) (Survival) (CTM) Paranoid: The Box Map (Survival Challenge) (Survival) (CTM)
Idea for creation of this map was taken from Mandel box, this map is
LuckyTree SkyBlock (Survival) LuckyTree SkyBlock (Survival)
This map is little similar to usual survive maps of Skyblock, but

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