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Jurassic Minecraft (Creation) map

Jurassic Minecraft (Creation) map 

Let's try Jurassic Minecraft  map for those players who have been fond of the popular science-fiction film of the same name for a long time. Here you can see the real Jurassic World. The full version will be available on June 2 as soon as the next update for your Minecraft Pocket Edition is available! In this beta version of the card, players can go on a trip along the main street, visit the circus, the kingdom of dinosaurs and other interesting locations created very realistically!


The map creator also recommends using certain textures for Minecraft PE during the game. You can install Flow's HD Textures to get more interesting graphics. By the way, with the addition, Jurassic Craft Mod also perfectly combines. Do you think we should put this add-on for you in the near future? Write in the comments, good luck!





Last Minecraft PE FULL version 1.16.40
Last Minecraft PE BETA version
Jurassic Minecraft (Creation) map

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