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Untenable 2 Map (Minigame) (Puzzle)

Untenable 2  Map (Minigame) (Puzzle)

Illogical map, where is nothing make sense. It is Untenable 2. In general this map consist of 10 levels, aim of this map can be any task, from find the hidden button or to do some other things. Map will distract player from his aim. Test yourself by passing all levels. Map was not tested for beta version and available from 1.5+ version.

Contents of map:

  • Amount of levels — ten;
  • Additional mechanics of aquatic;
  • Intro custom sound.
  • Death custom sound.

Additional information:

  • Game available in Adventure Mode!
  • Player can use hint, when stuck on some level.
  • Level can not be skipped.
  • Not for multyplayer mode.
  • Recommending don t use /spawnpoint

Untenable 2  Map (Minigame) (Puzzle)

Last Minecraft PE FULL version 1.16.40
Last Minecraft PE BETA version
Untenable 2 Map (Minigame) (Puzzle)

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