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Parkour Effect Map

Parkour Effect Map

Tired of boring and uninteresting parkour? Then this problem will be solved with the new map mini-game Parkour Effect, which allows players to get new experience and new emotions from passing the map of parkour, overcoming new obstacles with unique properties. What is the uniqueness of this map?!

This is very interesting because each block has a certain color on this map, which means that each specific type of block has a certain effect that will affect the player's health and thereby complicate the process of passing the game. For example, a block that is green allows the player to jump high, while a blue block allows players to run fast.

The red block, in turn, is one of the most dangerous as it can immediately kill you, so be careful. All this and much more you can discover on the new Parkour Effect map!

Parkour Effect (1)

Parkour Effect (2)

Parkour Effect (3)

Parkour Effect (4)

Parkour Effect (5)

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