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The Last Station Map

The Last Station Map

Do you like space and would you like to go to some kind of space station? If yes, then the new Last Station map is what you need. This map allows players to have fun within the walls of a unique space station. This map will also be a great place for space adventure-style role-playing games. As for the single-player game, players can simply explore the space station in various rooms and find hidden Easter eggs.

Here you have to explore all the rooms and premises of the space station, as well as ruins, sewers, an elevator, laboratories, greenhouses, and much more. Below you can see some screenshots of certain locations on the spaceship:

The Last Station (1)

The Last Station (2)

The Last Station (3)

The Last Station (4)

The Last Station (5)

The Last Station (6)

The Last Station (7)

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