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Endgame 2 [Survival] Map

Endgame 2

Have you ever played on Realm called Endgame2? If not, then this map allows each player to get a new experience playing on the well-known private realm map Endgame2. This is a very exciting survival world for Minecraft PE. You may have previously seen something similar in the Java version of the Minecraft game. Here, players have access to achievements that you can get for completed tasks.

Use your survival skills and gain invaluable experience in one of the best survival worlds. Industrial farms, different bases, and much more are available to players! With quality shaders, your game will become even more interesting and realistic.

Endgame 2 (1)

Endgame 2 (2)

Endgame 2 (3)

Endgame 2 (4)

Endgame 2 [Survival] Map

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