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The Storyteller Map

The Storyteller Map

Have you played a mini-game called Storyteller? If not, we recommend going into a world where the player will have to explore new lands and discover the history of each individual land. A new adventure in which the player needs to find hidden books, each of which reveals a story about new lands and places. If you like interesting adventures in very interesting places then this new mini-game is what you need.

Below you can see screenshots of different locations of the new map:

1. Lake:

Lake 31

2. Waterfall:

Ocelot Falls

3. Oak grove:

Shadow Oak

4. Cave grotto:

Cavesmith Grotto

5. Cave of Whispers:

Whispering Cavern

6. Mushroom Temples:

Mushroom Temples

7. Place of entry:

Place of entry

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