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Find The Button: Halloween Edition Map

Find The Button: Halloween Edition Map

Do you like Find the Button games? If yes and you really like these games, then the new Find Button map is what you need! But unlike other Find a Button maps, this map has some peculiarity, namely, the task is not just to find a button hidden somewhere, but also to go through certain puzzles, complicating the gameplay and making it more interesting and fun. It is also a rewarding and fun experience that brings new challenges.

Don't worry, all the puzzles are pretty simple and easy to solve. In general, this game consists of three different scenarios, each with a certain unique design. Since very soon we will be celebrating a big holiday, namely Halloween, this map was created in the style of Halloween!

Below you can see how the place where you first spawn will look like, this is a kind of your Lobby:


To start the game, go to the NPC standing in your lobby and talk to him:


After that, the player will be moved to the first scenario called The Cemetery:


The second place where you will play is the Abandoned House:

Abandoned house

And the last third place and final scenario is called Halloween:

Happy Halloween

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