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Muser Parkour Map

Muser Parkour Map

Do you like different difficulty maps of parkour? If yes, then the new map is what you need! This map will be interesting for everyone who loves difficulties and overcoming various obstacles using parkour. This map will be of interest to both experienced players and beginners. We present you with a new parkour map with a unique road that you have to go through.

The path that you have to go looks like semicircles going up. The whole map consists of certain stages, at each subsequent stage you will see a special sign that will inform you about the transition to the next stage of your path.

Muser Parkour (1)

We draw your attention to the fact that each separate stage has a unique path and design. A player can complete this unique parkour map in at least 5 minutes.

Muser Parkour (2)

Muser Parkour (3)

Muser Parkour (4)

Muser Parkour (5)

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