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Minecraft for Android

Minecraft for Android

The second test build 1.15 released: meet Minecraft Bedrock Bugs are Fixed.

Why 100 megabytes?

The weight of apk file has increased slightly. Mojang have introduced Split APKs. Now on Google Play, Minecraft is divided into several parts. We had to combine them.

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Minecraft for Android

What are Split APKs?

Split APKs - a system for dividing applications into parts. Allows you to download from Google Play only necessary files for your phone model. It saves space. But not for pirates.

We had to combine all parts into one file. Consequently, pirated version of game takes up more memory.

Equality with Java

If you like mechanisms, you know that they work differently in Java and Bedrock. Developers fixed this:

Observer Block now does not trigger instantly.

Fixed bugs:

  • 20 fixed bugs.
  • Main important:
  • Fixed errors, crashes.
  • Fixed a bug when it was impossible to collect water from pillars of bubbles.
  • Fixed a bug when Character Editor did not save changes.
  • Mobs are again taking damage if they spawn on magma.

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