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Download Minecraft PE 1.4.0 full apk free

Download Minecraft PE 1.4.0 full apk free

Minecraft PE 1.4.0 Aquatic Update is a great update to the gaming universe that users of portable devices around the world love so much. In a greater degree, water bodies have been updated, new structures, objects, functions, different biomes, and much more have appeared. We recommend downloading a new test version to enjoy the game as soon as possible with new features!

What's interesting about Minecraft 1.4.0 Aquatic Update?

So, this is the first part of the massive MCPE 1.4 update, where there is a lot of new cool content. There will be new creatures, namely turtles, with their help players will have new items, such as a shell and shield. Other additions we have compiled in the list below:
  • Bubbles
  • Sea turtle
  • Egg of the turtle
  • Tortoise shield
  • Turtle shell
  • The turtle potion
What is added to Minecraft PE
  • The background appears in the main menu
  • The coral block does not disappear on contact with water
  • kelp has new textures at the top of the block
  • Fish with new textures
  • Ability to control the field of view in video settings
So, let’s check it out. Download Minecraft PE 1.4.0 for free by link below and enjoy new gameplay!
Download Minecraft PE 1.4.0 full apk free

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Did not work on my phone. Help