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Download Minecraft PE APK Full Version free

Download Minecraft PE APK Full Version free

Minecraft PE 1.5.0 — it is 2 update, of 3 stages of updates for aquatic version. Later in August (mid of the month) it will be updated to another version as 1.6.0.

Available functions:

  • New eight achievements;
  • Charms for trident;
  • New view of water;
  • Nodified new animation in swimming;
  • In creative mode from now trident will not break any block;
  • New types of fish (Salmon, Cod, Tropic fish and blowfish);
  • Modified coral blocks: Coral block, Fan coral and Ocean Coral;
  • Sunken ships and new Tombs: there you will find map of treasures.

Description of features:

Marine conductor - with help of conductor you may create your own base underwater, it is available in survive mode;

Download Minecraft PE APK Full Version free

Drowned zombie - if you tired of usual zombies at night, here is a new version of it - drowned zombie. They are living in depth of sea and as dangerous as before;

Underwater sprint: It is a new skill for you, which gives you opportunity to swim faster than before;

Plates and ladders from a prismarine - you can use prismarine for creation of plates and ladders;

Corals - here you can see that for coral of some type you can use the same color of plants;

Achievements bonus minecoins - in order to unblock new achievement, you can use free minecoin;

Sea turtle - you can find this animals on the beach and in ocean. Also, you can saw here little turtles, they are hatching from eggs after some time;

Wooden button - blocks from wood have their own button.

Download Minecraft PE APK Full Version free

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