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Minecraft for Android

Minecraft for Android

Developers have released the test version of Minecraft for Android. This update introduces Copper and Tuff blocks from the upcoming update and also updates the model of Bats.

Copper Blocks
New decorative blocks have been added. Details:

Carved Copper
- Made from 2 Copper Slabs of the same oxidation level.
- Available at Stonecutter.
Copper Grate
- Made from 4 Copper Blocks of the same oxidation level.
- Available at Stonecutter.
- Transparent: light passes through.
- Mobs don't suffocate inside.
- Doesn't conduct Redstone.
- Hostile mobs don't spawn on it.
Copper Lantern
- Illuminates space.
- Brightness decreases with oxidation.
- Doesn't light up immediately: needs to be connected to Redstone.
- Continues to shine even after removing Redstone.
- Red crystal glows in the center when Redstone signal is given.
- Comparators detect a level 15 signal when the block is on.
- Made from 3 Copper Blocks of the same oxidation level, Blaze Rod, and Redstone.
Copper Doors and Trapdoors
- Oxidizes over time.
- Operates similarly to their wooden counterparts.
- Made from Copper Blocks of the same oxidation level.

Tuff Blocks
More variants have been added. Types:
- Stairs
- Slab
- Wall
- Carved versions
- Brick versions
- Polished versions
All blocks are available at Stonecutter.

Known Issues
Immediate problems detected in the new elements:
- Wax Copper Grates and Wax Carved Copper can't be crafted from Wax Copper Blocks.
- Carved Copper can't be crafted at Workbench.
- Tuff blocks are only made at Stonecutter.
- Creative mode flight speed decreases upon touching the ground.

6 major changes:
- Updated model, animations, and textures of Bats.
- Chorus Fruit is destroyed by non-vanishing projectiles.
- Increased the breaking sound of Patterned Vases.
- Burning mobs holding an item don't set others on fire.
- Altered mob attack radius.
- The loading screen now displays 3 hint categories depending on player's progress.

Bug Fixes
4 notable fixes:
- Sticky Pistons don't cause crashes.
- Fixed Shield blocking after dropping an item.
- Leash doesn't break on entering Minecraft if mob and Leash are in different chunks.
- Can't access touch settings on non-touch devices.

Technical Changes
Added 18 technical changes for addon development and testing.

Minecraft for Android

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