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Minecraft PE for Android [Release]

Minecraft for Android

The developers have released a new full version of Minecraft for Android. The update added a Spectator Mode slider and fixed 13 bugs.

Spectator Mode
We've added an experimental switch
Initial version
Developers will be updating the feature

Fixed 13 bugs. Important:
Experience cannot be gained by using exploit with a Furnances
Teleporting creatures to unloaded chunks does not make them disappear
The screen does not go black when restarting RTX worlds
Fixed textures of blocks in the distance on Android
Fixed water and lava textures on iOS
Fixed framerate jumps (FPS) in Minecraft
Mobs will not appear on Buttons
Fixed performance glitches when saving and reloading chunks multiple times
Fixed the worlds bug after upgrading to version 1.18.30
The Enchanting Music achievement is performed correctly
In-game marketplace opens on Nintendo Switch
Fixed infinite loading when purchasing from the In-game Marketplace

Minecraft PE for Android [Release]

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