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Minecraft PE for Android

Minecraft for Android

Developers have released a test version of Minecraft for Android. The update improved the Experimental mode, made two changes and made Bedrock more like Java.

Experimental Features
5 updates for experimental mode. Read more:
Frogs and Turtles lure from above and below
Froglight got new textures and the ability to put either side
Added Goat Horn drop sound to Minecraft
Fixed the invisibility of Frog Roe from below
Goat's Horn animation works in 1st and 3rd person views

Made Java like
Introduced 3 fixes for Bedrock and Java equality. Important:
The view of the Fisherman's Boat depends on the Village biome
The Blacksmith has an enchanted Iron Sword for sale from the start
Diamond Pieces can be obtained from the Armourer of the Craftsman level

Made 2 changes. Interesting:
Changed starvation speed to match Java
Reduced the cost to jump
Reduction speed changes in behavior settings
Changed the orientation of mobs through Coral Fan

Fixed 6 bugs. Main:
Fixed Amethyst cluster placement in water
Resistance to fire again protects mobs from fire
Mobs don't use the jump on the Boat
Crouch is reset after death
The Resource Set tab is displayed on the new worlds creation screen
Player animations from the /playanimation command are properly shown on the player thumbnail

Technical Changes
Added 10 technical changes for addon development and testing.

Minecraft PE for Android

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