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Minecraft PE for Android [Release]

Minecraft PE for Android

Released a full version of Minecraft on Android. The update added Stone Peaks, fixed 47 bugs and made 23 changes. Most of them were carried over from the test versions. We have listed the main ones.

Stone Peaks.
Generated on top of the mountains. Appear at the junction of warm and cold biomes.
So far only generated when Experimental mode is enabled.
A warm version of the Snowy and High Summits.
Made up of Rock and Gravel.

Experimental Features.
Made 23 improvements for Experimental Mode. Important:
Improved world update below Y=0 level to include Caves and Cliffs mode in settings
Already modified parts will not update
Clouds appear at Y=192
New flat worlds are created from level Y=64
Old flat worlds became higher
Style of villages depends on the biome
Copper ore now appears up to Y=96

Fixed bugs
Fixed 47 bugs. Interesting:
Fixed glitches in the Worlds Menu when internet access is lost
A fed character will not eat
World settings are now transferred to Realms when changing worlds
Fixed display of Leash when attached to mobs out of sight
Mobs avoid fire
Improved Bee's spawn
Fixed the Sphere of Experience spawn when entering /summon
More mobs appear under the ground
When teleporting to another dimension, the player will no longer catch fire

Minecraft PE for Android [Release]

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