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Minecraft PE for Android

Minecraft PE for Android

Friends, unexpectedly for everyone, the ninth update of Minecraft PE for Android, as well as for other platforms, is coming out. New design, updated textures, fixes bugs and also improvement in the Nether are waiting for you!

What’s the changes in MCPE update?

The Mojang development team has finally published beta build of the Nether update. This time, players will see many new fixes and improvements. This is the best way to show that the game is moving forward and doesn’t stand still.

Main changes:

In new version of Minecraft PE developers decided to make more quality content. This update contains a number of changes and improvements that cannot be overlooked.


Thanks to the efforts of developers, many elements of Minecraft Bedrock Edition were redone and polished to the ideal.

Minecraft PE for Android

Now players can enjoy:

  • Correct spawn when player appears on the pressure plate;
  • XP orbs fly again in random directions;
  • Respawn Anchor no longer destroys blocks if it used underwater.


Redesign of the development studio greatly influenced appearance of many changes in the graphics.

FACT: Now Mojang has become Mojang Studios and now it has an updated design.

Minecraft PE players can enjoy many graphics improvements, including new textures for:

  • Nether bricks;
  • Quartz bricks;
  • Chiseled nether bricks.
  • Updated Mojang download design on various devices;
  • Credits were updated in the end of game;
  • Fixed mobs inside the spawner;
  • Lighting from Nether World will no longer go to the Overworld.


The Mojang development team also fixed some old errors that lead to crashes in game.

In Minecraft PE already fixed:

  • Crash during crafting 64 honey blocks using a recipe book;
  • Crash during the change of state of the mob.

Minecraft PE for Android

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