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Minecraft for Android

Minecraft for Android

We present to you the new beta version of Minecraft Bedrock Edition The developers of the Mojang studio today released a new version with bug fixes. This is the twelfth beta version of Minecraft PE for Android users. This version also supports Xbox Live. In the new version of Minecraft, you will find bug fixes, gameplay improvements, as well as minor changes that are an important part of this update.

What's New in MCBE

In Minecraft Bedrock Edition, developers from Mojang focused on the technical aspect of the game, namely Nether Update. This is the right decision because it is better to get a working game than new content with small bugs that will be very annoying. In the previous version of the game, various bugs and crashes greatly bothered the players, which is why Mojang decided to quickly resolve this issue. Now, these problems will no longer bother you in the game. However, there are minor improvements in this beta. For example, the font of chat and other inscriptions is in the style of Mojangles.

Minecraft for Android

With the release of beta versions of Nether Update, several different biomes were added to the game. Now in the Nether world, you can see new and exciting effects and other graphics features in Minecraft BE The most interesting thing is that in this update, Mojang added unique effects for each biome in the Nether world!

For example, in the Soul Sand Valley, you can see the ashes that will soar in the air, or in the Crimson Forest, you can see the fog that has the same color as this biome. There is also a new white ash effect for the Basalt Deltas biome.

That’s why the atmosphere of the game has become much more interesting. All this was made possible thanks to the updated Render Dragon graphics engine.

No less interesting were the new commands in Minecraft New commands allow you to kick and ban players for a bad or dishonest game. This means that the creator of the server will be able to get rid of dishonest players.

From now on, the /kill command now works properly in the console. Previously, when using this command, the player could be disconnected from the Minecraft Bedrock game, which was very annoying for the players.

Another bug that really bothered the players is the Names that sparkled due to an error in the code. In Minecraft Bedrock Edition this bug has been fixed.

In addition, some bug fixes of this version concerned the appearance of new creatures in the Nether world. For example, bug fixes in Minecraft BE that concern Zombified Piglin.

Fixes in Minecraft BE

The main goal of the new beta update is to fix bugs. In total, 13 different bugs were fixed. Below you can see most of the main fixes:

1. Fixed crashes related to the graphics of the game;
2. Fixed a crash when trying to buy some coins without connecting to Xbox Live;
3. Fixed a crash when using the ZigZag resource pack;
4. Fixed a bug that related to the disappearance of fonts;
5. The name of the player above his head no longer flickers;
6. Fixed the flickering of chunks;
7. The /kill command kills the NPC;
8. Fixed default chat font on Mojangles;
9. Fixed bugs related to the marketplace.

Minecraft for Android

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