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Demon Slayer Swords Texture Pack

Demon Slayer Swords Textures

Demon Slayer Swords textures change the appearance of swords to weapons from the Demon Slayer anime and manga. All 6 types of swords in Minecraft will get a new design. The weapons will now match the legendary swords of different characters from the anime. In the series they are used to killing demons, but in the block world they will be suitable for killing all living things.

In addition, the swords got 3D models, which means they will look very cool and realistic.

Wooden Sword
Wooden katana
Demon Slayer Swords Texture Pack

Stone Sword
Inoske Hashibira Sword

Iron Sword
Sword by Muichiro Tokito

Golden Sword
Sword of Rengoku Kyojuro

Diamond Sword
Sword of Giyu Tomioka

Netherite Sword
Sword Tanjiro Kamado

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