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AK Reloaded Texture Pack

AK Reloaded Texture Pack

Would you like to improve the existing textures of blocks and weapons in the Minecraft world? If so, then you definitely need a new texture pack called AK Reloaded. This texture pack improves the textures of not only blocks and weapons, but also armor and other things.

The new texture pack allows the player to improve the textures of trees, leaves, flowers, crops, and other blocks using new colors, brightness, and uniqueness. Also, a new animation will be added to the Minecraft world for such objects as a furnace and a brewing stand!

Variations of new textures will appear randomly in your world. For example, the usual diamond block will be presented in the game in five different types.

5 types of diamond blocks
5 types of diamond blocks (1)

Also, new textures improve and change the usual old textures of weapons, such as swords, axes, or bows.

new weapon textures

Added new textures for food items, portals, and many other blocks!

new textures for other blocks

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