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Color Blocks Add-on 1.14+

Color Blocks Add-on 1.14+

A new fascinating and interesting add-on for those who would like to change something in their world. Using the new Color Blocks add-on, over 4,000 color blocks will be added to the game!

More about blocks

To see the color of a block, pay all your attention to the name of the block and its identifier.

Please note that the lite version adds only 216 blocks. The full version of the add-on adds 4096 color blocks to the game. Their resolution is 16x16x16. We also draw attention to the fact that each individual color phase (and in general there are 16) has its own definition of red, green and blue blocks. For example (00 — ff) one of them.

Below is the screenshot you can see how it looks in the game:

Color Blocks Add-on 1.14+

In detail about craft:

To create the block below you need to use obsidian and cobble stone. See the screenshot below:

Players can make colors more saturated and change the tone of color blocks, for this you need to use certain dyes, for example, white, green, red and blue. See the screenshot below:

Below you can see examples of using white and black dyes to craft new color blocks:

Using block # 000000 and dyes (yellow, red, blue, green, cyan and magenta) you will craft these blocks:

Using the #ffffff block, you can change the color of the block to the color of the wool block

Attention: Do not worry if the add-on will not work correctly at times, this is because a large number of blocks will be added to the game, and we also draw your attention to the fact that it depends on your device.

Do not forget to activate the Experimental mode!

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