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Unobtainable Items Addon

Unobtainable Items Addon

Unobtainable Items Addon will allow players to access items that already existed in the Minecraft PE universe, but for some reason were unavailable. We are talking about some types of elements. You may receive new blocks when you kill different creatures in the game world. Of them will fall out new items!

How it works?

Four living creatures in MCPE will now have new items, if destroyed. Previously, these items were in the app, but the players could not get them for nothing.


Here is a list of new items that you can now get.


  • Invisible Bedrocks - Wither Boss' drop
  • Stained Glass Block or Pane - Sheep's drops
  • End's Gateway - Enderman drops
  • Nether Reactors, Obsidians - Zombie Pigmen's drops
  • Portal Elemenst - Zombie Pigman grops, use a sword with enchanting while hitting the mob
  • Ender Pearls - Enderman's drop
  • Wither Star - Wither Boss's drop
  • Stonecutters - Silverfish's drop
  • Frost Ice - Snow Golem's drop
  • Bubble Column - Drowned's drop ( only!)


Each new block is definitely useful in use, especially when you want to decorate your game world in a new way. Set the textures to gain access to the new appearance of the objects.



Unobtainable Items Addon

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