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Crafting Dead PE Addon

Crafting Dead PE Addon

Crafting Dead PE Addon creates in the world of Minecraft PE some elements that you most likely could see in the series The Walking Dead. The main idea of the television show is that people tried to survive after the zombie apocalypse. A couple features can now appear in your game, including cool weapons!

Angry mobs

  • Walker - instead of zombie, can not burn in a daylight, 20 points of health
  • Runner - instead of husk zombie, fast movement, rarely l15 points of health




You can choose any type of new weapon in Minecraft PE, it can be Baseball Bat, strong Crowbar, Fire Ax or Sword of Samurais. You can see that each type of weapon has an excellent texture, similar to the original in the series.



  • Pistols than shot with bullets
  • Knife that players can throw in their enemies
  • Rifle is the most powerful weapon in mod


Crafting Dead PE Addon

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