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Biomobs Addon 1.9/1.8+

Biomobs Addon 1.9/1.8+

This add-on adds a big number of new mobs, the number of these mobs is twenty, all of them was created in order to make your survival a bit difficult, it will be very good add for your survival world. Using this add-on you will find new types of spiders, zombies, skeletons, and creepers. The player can find all of these creatures in the Nether area, Frozen biome, Jungle areas and even on Mushroom Island.

How does it work?

All of the new mobs has its own unique effect, for example, the mushroom creature will give you regeneration, the wither creature will wither the player away, jungle creature will poison you, and many others mobs and their additional abilities.

Here, the player can find the creeper from all the mentioned areas. Below you may see their types.

Biomobs Addon 1.9/1.8+

The same is related to the spiders, which is located on all the mentioned areas. Below you may see their types.

Here are the types of skeletons. Below you may see their types.

And the last one is a zombie! Here is below their types.

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