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More Swords Mod

More Swords Mod

This mod was created for MCBE, namely for swords. Here you can see more than twenty different types of swords, from usual knife to laser saber. Developer placed a lot of emphasis on the details and the process of getting the items. Some swords have amazing abilities, such as absorption of souls of killed opponents and which, in turn makes you stronger.

Almost all the swords can be created with using of new recipes or items, each of them save their effects and unlike old items, they are more powerful and has more energy.

From the beginning start to crafting the simple items and in process, improve them. Your sword, is the guarantee of your power and survival in MCPE.

More Swords Mod

Added items and swords:

  • Light Saber Blue
  • Thunder Stone
  • Soul Block
  • Soul Stone
  • Light Saber White
  • Glacial Sword
  • Wurtzite Ore
  • Hell Blaze
  • Soul Saber
  • Twisted Blade
  • Frost Blade
  • Narrow Blade
  • Luxurious Sword
  • Tungsten
  • Adventurer Sword
  • Light Saber Yellow
  • Light Saber Lightblue
  • Light Saber Red
  • Inferno
  • Silver Edge
  • Glaze Stone
  • Ethereal
  • Fire Orb
  • Ignited Soul Stone
  • Light Saber Purple
  • Light Saber Handle
  • Tungsten Block
  • Knife
  • Zombie Slayer
  • Fire Stone
  • Shifted Blade
  • Light Saber Green
  • Wurtzite Crystal Block
  • Wurtzite Crystal
  • Ice Shard
  • Ignited Soul Block
  • Blade of Thunder
  • Dark Blade
  • Crimson Sword
  • Phantom Blade
  • Nether Sword
  • Tungsten Ore
  • Rainbow Sword
  • Shadow Brawler
  • Excalibur

Last Minecraft PE FULL version 1.16.40
Last Minecraft PE BETA version
More Swords Mod

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gothy 4 July 2019 11:53
please make it an mcpack