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TayiNdz1011 Entity Update Add-on 1.20+

TayiNdz1011 Entity Update Add-on

The author of the mod TayiNdz1011 Entity Update decided to compile all his add-ons with different animals for Minecraft Bedrock. A large number of animals will appear that will settle in the Savannah, Jungles, Nether, and the vast expanses of the Ocean.

In addition to animals, insects, and hellish creatures will also appear in the game, about which you will learn in the game itself. Some add-ons can be installed separately: for this, we have provided links in the descriptions.

TayiNdz1011 Entity Update Add-on 1.20+

Install the add-on separately

Install the add-on separately

Install the add-on separately

Install the add-on separately


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