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Earth Magic Add-on 1.20+

Earth Magic Add-on

Make your enemies tremble and the ground shake. Such abilities can be unlocked by installing the Earth Magic mod in Minecraft Pocket Edition. You will be able to use the power of the earth to crush all your enemies and save your allies.

Basic Attack
Huge stone pillars deal damage to 3 enemies within a 10-block radius and lift them into the air.
Earth Magic Add-on 1.20+

Crushing Trap
Drags enemies underground.

Immunity to damage, but immobilization.

Stone Golem
Summon allies.

Furious Tremor
Causes an earthquake that lifts enemies into the air within a 15-block radius.
The player will not move.

Stone Golem
Can be found in the jungle.
Taming: Mushroom Soup.
Health: 30.
Damage: 7.
Effect: Miner's fatigue.

Ice Cube
Can be found in cold biomes.
Taming: Snowball.
Health: 20.
Damage: 5.
Effect: Slowness.

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