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Waifus 3D Add-on 1.20+/1.19+/1.18+

Waifus 3D Add-on

Playing Minecraft alone? Consider adding more characters around you. For instance, you can use the Waifus 3D mod to add a Waifu – an anime girl. This allows you to have your own girl in the virtual universe and interact with her as you wish.

Moreover, the mob will be quite useful as it can work, mine blocks, hunt, fish, and even chop wood.

A flower is required for taming.
Waifus 3D Add-on 1.20+/1.19+/1.18+

Below are the tools you can give to Waifu for her to collect various materials.

The mob will disappear for a short time and soon return with rewards.

In-lang, Kafka, Zele

Character animations

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