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Noteworks: custom discs Add-on 1.20+

Noteworks: custom discs Add-on

The Noteworks: custom discs mod enables the creation of custom Music Discs and adds the capability of automatic playback in Minecraft. Utilize a variety of sounds to fill the blocky world with unique melodies crafted by your own hands.

First, you need to obtain a blank Music Disc from the Stonecutter. Then, you'll need to dye the Disc, write the author's name, the song title, and even create a description. Moreover, you can choose the duration of the sound up to 60 seconds.

- Play track: Play the melody (only you will hear the melody).
- Track editor: Here you can change the track.
- Track visualizer: Opens track information.
- Inscription editor: Allows changing track settings.
- Copy: Copying.
- Scrub: Cleaning.
- Lock: Locking.
Noteworks: custom discs Add-on 1.20+

Automatic Player
- Allows automatic playing of Music Discs.

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