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Fantastic Additions Add-on 1.20+

Fantastic Additions Add-on

The Fantastic Additions mod will bring a huge set of very useful items to Minecraft. Each of the elements is available in survival mode through crafting.

Item List
Flight Artifact: allows you to soar upwards when crouching
Transport Crate: enables the transfer of items from one place to another
Impulse Glove: repels enemies
Advanced Impulse Glove: repels enemies with greater force
Slime Slingshot: allows bouncing back in the opposite direction
Slime Boots: increases jumping and provides immunity to fall damage
Purple Slime Slingshot: an improved slingshot
Purple Slime Boots: improved boots
TNT Cannon: shoots TNT
Auto Crossbow: allows shooting without delay
Absolute Bone: gives a wolf infinite enhancements
Mob Catcher: allows capturing mobs with low health
Improved Mob Catcher: an enhanced mob catcher
Fantastic Additions Add-on 1.20+

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