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Dash Boots Add-on 1.16+

Dash Boots Add-on

Would you like to add magic boots to your world? If yes, then you will definitely be interested in a new addon that adds four types of magic boots to your Minecraft world that can be useful to you during battles both with hostile mobs and against other players. An interesting feature of these boots is that these boots allow the player to knock down another creature or player.

This is a very interesting and fun addon, especially if you play with your friends in the arena! This is a new experience in battles. We draw your attention to the fact that in order for the boots to work correctly, you need to charge them, for this, you just need to use sprint running. Getting one of the new types of boots can be quite easy, just use the crafting recipe or the /give command. Let's take a look at all the new boot types below.

Note: Do not forget to activate the Experimental game mode!

Battle dash boots and crafting recipes:

1. Gold boots, fast, have medium power. This boot type is the main crafting material for the next three more powerful boot types. Using these golden boots, the player can push his enemy back 20 blocks. Below you can see the crafting recipe:

Gold boots

2. Frosty boots, fast, have slightly less average power. This type of boot has the unique feature of freezing the enemy and placing them in an ice cube. These are useful boots as with the help of them you can freeze and thereby stop a group of hostile mobs. Below you can see the crafting recipe:

Frosty boots

3. Inferno boots, fast, very powerful. This type of boot has a unique destructive power and sets your enemy on fire, forming a large hole underneath. Also, boots give the player resistance to fire, but you should avoid high heights as this can cause you a lot of damage. Below you can see the crafting recipe:

Inferno boots

4. And the last one is the Ender boots, fast, very powerful. This boot type has the unique destructive power of enveloping your enemy in a cloud similar to the Ender Dragon's fireball. Below you can see the crafting recipe:

Ender boots

How does it work?

1. Select and take the boots you want;
2. Hold the boots and make a long press.

Please note that in order for the boots to dress without any problems, it is necessary to remove the helmet, since, after the required steps, the boots will automatically be placed in the armor slot.

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