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Ender Lucky Block Add-on 1.20+

Ender Lucky Block Add-on

The Ender Lucky Block mod isn't just a standard lucky block producing various events and regular items in Minecraft. Instead, this mod presents a unique block that yields over 40 new types of equipment, granting magical properties to the player.

Here's a glimpse of the magical equipment:

- Sword of Horus
- Enables flight.
Ender Lucky Block Add-on 1.20+

- Demonic End Sword
- Damages nearby mobs.

- Eye of the End Sword
- Shoots End Pearls.

- Void Sword
- Provides passive effects.

- Dragon Scythe
- Applies poison.

- End Scythe
- Applies poison.

- End Stone Scythe
- Applies poison.

- Royal End Scythe
- Applies poison.

- Dragon Spear
- Increases speed.

- End Stone Spear
- Increases speed.

- Royal End Spear
- Increases speed.

- Void Spear
- Increases speed.

- Dragon Magic Wand
- Shoots magma.

- Royal Magic Wand
- Shoots magma.

- Book of Fire
- Fire resistance.

- Book of Invisibility
- Invisibility.

- Book of Life
- Regeneration.

- Book of Strength
- Strength.

- Book of Speed
- Speed.

- Royal Book
- Hero of the Village effect.

Ender Lucky Block
- Experience the magic and surprises of the Ender Lucky Block.

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