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System Enchantments Add-on 1.20+

System Enchantments Add-on

If you're looking for more enchantment types in Minecraft Pocket Edition, the System Enchantments mod introduces unique magical enhancements for your equipment, such as vampirism, poison, and much more.

- Enhanced Enchantment Table
- Minimum enchantment level: 10
- Maximum enchantment level: 30 for Level 3 enchantments
System Enchantments Add-on 1.20+

- Poison
- Poisons enemies on hit.

- Vampirism
- Heals the player on hit.

- Levitation
- Lifts enemies into the air.

- Frost
- Slows down enemies.

- Withering
- Weakens targets.

- Weakness

- Lumberjack
- Allows for quick tree chopping.

- Smelting
- Automatically smelts blocks.

- Efficiency
- Speeds up block mining.

- Tilling
- Tills a larger area.

Changes in the new version
Fixed errors in names
Fixed errors with enchantments
Added enchantments

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