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Silk Touch Spawners Add-on 1.20+

Silk Touch Spawners Add-on

The Silk Touch Spawners mod allows you to move Mob Spawners in Minecraft. To do this, you need to use a Netherite Pickaxe enchanted with "Silk Touch". Moreover, this add-on can be customized: for instance, to break the Spawner with any Pickaxe.
Silk Touch Spawners Add-on 1.20+

Enter the command: /function config_silkspawners
A menu with parameters will appear:
- Enable addon — turns the add-on on and off.
- Enable for — allows you to choose the Pickaxes that can mine the Spawner. The Pickaxe must have the Silk Touch enchantment.
- The chance of dropping a mob spawner — the likelihood of a Spawner dropping. If it's set to 100, the block will always drop.

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