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Ender IO Add-on 1.20+

Ender IO Add-on

The technical mod Ender IO has been ported from the PC version of the game to the pocket edition of Minecraft. This add-on contains a plethora of machinery, meticulously designed for players to create full-fledged factories and plants.

Bedrock Combustion
When ignited, Infinity Grains can be obtained.
Used for crafting mechanisms.
Ender IO Add-on 1.20+

-Simple Machines
No capacitor required.
Do not duplicate elements.
Necessary for the creation of basic machines.

-Basic Machines
Requires a basic capacitor.
Duplicates items.
Necessary for advanced machine creation.

-Advanced Machines
Requires a double-layered capacitor.
Triples items.

Types of Cables
Energy Conductor: 46 energy per second (for simple machines only)
Improved Energy Conductor: 145 energy per second (for simple and basic machines)
End Energy Conductor: 205 energy per second.

Stirling Generator
Coal energy generator.
Every 25/75 seconds, consumes 1 coal and produces 46/145 energy per second.

Photovoltaic Panels
Simple Photovoltaic Cell: 46 energy per second (for simple machines only)
Photovoltaic Panel: 145 energy per second (for simple and basic machines)
Advanced Photovoltaic Cell: 205 energy per second.

Semi-Self-Grinding Mill
Transforms materials into powder.

Alloy Smeltery
Turns items into alloys.

Soul Trap
Collects mob souls in a box.

Experience Rod
Contains experience.
When the player dies, the experience disappears.

Dark Steel Anvil
Used for crafting items.

Sorcery Book
Creates new recipes.

Powered Spawner
Connect a Broken Spawner with a mob soul inside and an Empty Powered Spawner in the Dark Steel Anvil.
Can spawn any mobs.

Soul Vessel
Can imprison a mob.

Broken Spawner
Drops when breaking a mob spawner.
Unlocks at experience level 8.
Can place a Mob's Soul inside.

Dark Steel Enhancements
New effects for equipment.

Dark Armor and Tools
Armor makes the player nearly invincible.
The hoe can break Leaves and harvest String.
Arrows shoot Dark Arrows, dealing 14 damage.

End Tools and Armor
Armor gives immortality and can be enchanted.
Arrows shoot End Arrows, dealing 20 damage.

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