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Rei Chikita Add-on 1.20+

Rei Chikita Addon

As far as we understand, Rei Chikita is a toy version of the popular character Rei Ayanami from the anime and manga "Evangelion." Now this character will appear in our game with the Rei Chikita Addon mod. The mob can be tamed with Chocolate Milk and taken with you on journeys.
Rei Chikita Add-on 1.20+

Use the crafting recipe to get the character.

Chocolate Milk is used for taming.

Like all tamed mobs, the character will protect you from enemies.

Chocolate Milk
- Tames the mob or restores health
- Gives the player Speed for 10 seconds

Bottle of Chocolate Milk
- Similar to Chocolate Milk

Straw Hat

Cowboy hat

To congratulate the hero, you can give a Diamond.

The add-on can be combined with the Pochita pack.

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