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Magical Warfare Add-on 1.20/1.19+/1.18

Magical Warfare Add-on

Magic is everywhere - the important thing is to notice it in time. Or better yet, install the Magical Warfare mod and don't try to see something non-existent. Real magic and many magical abilities will appear in Minecraft, which you will take over.

Right after the spawn, you will find yourself in a structure with an NPC who will give out the first spells.
Magical Warfare Add-on 1.20/1.19+/1.18

Types of magic

Soul Magic
Passive ability: soul essence
Attack: soul shooting
Soul Switch
Summoning the Undead
Creeper Head
Guardian's Rage

Cold Magic
Passive ability: cold atmosphere
Attack: glacial shot
Iceball Salvo
Ice Compress
Glacial Rain

Destruction Magic
Passive ability: tough skin
Attack: Bomb Lv1
Bomb Lv2
Fireworks Rain
TNT Wall

Mana Menu
After receiving magic, items will appear that cannot be thrown away or destroyed even after death

It is always safe in the structure at spawn

On the beacon platform, you can increase the level of mana, but for this, you need to collect mana essences

Transparent mobs

New magical items


Changes in the new version
Added Earth magic
Added Stone Golem
Added Ice Cube

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