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Demon Slayer ST Add-on 1.19+/1.18+

Demon Slayer ST Add-on

"Demon Slayer" is a popular manga and anime that has spawned hundreds of thousands of fans around the world. There are also many demon hunters among Minecraft supporters, so developers of add-ons often use this theme. Demon Slayer ST mod introduces Nichirins, breaths, clothing, quests, builds and more. All of this will work in survival mode.

Demon Slayer ST Add-on 1.19+/1.18+

Ore for crafting

Oni Transformation.
Once transformed, you can't walk around during the day.
Drinking blood makes you stronger.
Human Meat Regenerates
Many missions are available
Double jump available

Becoming a Hunter
To become a Hunter you must talk to Urokodaki.
For every 5 Oni kills, you gain levels
Missions are available after midnight
Improve Breath

Talking to Shinobu, you can get Pegala

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