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OP Trading All Mobs Add-on 1.19

OP Trading All Mobs Add-on

Often when playing in Minecraft you may notice that finding materials for crafting armor or weapons is quite difficult. So the author of the mod OP Trading All Mobs decided to simplify this activity: materials, items and other things can be bought from the mobs. Now all the mobs will become traders and will sell various materials to the player. You'll be able to buy things from the Skeleton or even Warden.

Each mob will get different levels and things to sell. All hostile mobs will be neutral to trade with the player.

Mob Stuff
The screenshots show only some of the mobs - you can find out the rest in the game
OP Trading All Mobs Add-on 1.19

A new mob that spawns all over the world
Sells enchanted Netherite items

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