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DestinyCraft Add-on 1.19+/1.18+/1.17+/1.16

DestinyCraft Add-on

The DestinyCraft mod adds melee weapons, as well as firearms, with which you can destroy enemies in Minecraft. For now, the addition does not work in survival mode: that is, you can only get weapons using commands or creative mode.

First you need to become a Guardian: for this you need the item below.
DestinyCraft Add-on 1.19+/1.18+/1.17+/1.16

Then you'll get 3 items to choose a class
Titan: a defensive class that has the ability to create barriers. In addition, there is an explosive flight.
Warlocks: allows you to create a healing aura, you can fly slowly
Hunter: high jump and the ability to dodge projectiles

Rest for the wicked

The Manticore


Palmyra B

The Strangers Rifle

Lamia HC2


Not Forgotten

Changes in the new version:
Added new elements
Compatibility with survival mode

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