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More Types of Zombies Add-on 1.19

More Types of Zombies Add-on

There's no such thing as a lot of mobs - especially if it's a variety of creatures already present in Minecraft. Fill up the number and types of zombies with the More Types of Zombies mod. Each new species will have unique abilities that can bring a special interest to the gameplay.


Ender Zombie
Slightly stronger than the average zombie
More Types of Zombies Add-on 1.19

Ice Zombie
Slows down

Zombie Waitress
New Skin

Moss Zombie
Places poison

Rainbow Zombie
New Skin

Sculk Zombie
Stronger than a normal zombie
Causes blindness

Space Zombie
New Skin
Doesn't burn in the sun

Powerful Zombie
Stronger but slower than normal
Causes nausea

Zombie Alex
New Skin

Zombie Gentleman
New Skin

Zombie Girl
New Skin

Zombie Miner
New Skin

Zombie Soldier
New Skin

Zombie Steve
New Skin

Zombie Viking
Slightly stronger than usual

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