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Realistic Lucky Block Add-on 1.20/1.19+/1.18+/1.17+/1.16+

Realistic Lucky Block Add-on

Everyone knows what a Lucky Block is, but just in case, let's explain. Lucky Block is a unique type of block, when you destroy it, anything can happen, from falling out of some items to a catastrophic outcome. That's why we so recommend trying the Realistic Lucky Block mod in the game to test your luck.

The add-on contains two types of files: in the first one you can create lucky blocks manually, and in the second one you will have to search for them all over the world.

Blocks can be mined with a silk touch. When destroying by the normal method, different things will fall out.
Realistic Lucky Block Add-on 1.20/1.19+/1.18+/1.17+/1.16+

You should go to the mountains and look for blocks on levels 63-128.

If you can't find items quickly, try seed 1001678470 on coordinates (172, 93, 163).

Recipe for Lucky Block

How to get
give @s thelake: lucky_block

Changes in the new version

Improved mod compatibility
Updated interface
Compatibility with new versions
Fixed errors
Improved events

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