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StarFever Add-on 1.19

StarFever Add-on

Many of us have at least heard of the game Starcraft. It's a legendary strategy game played by die-hard professionals and competing against each other. The game has long lost its popularity, so it is played only by the biggest fans. Now this universe will be transferred to the world of MCPE with StarFever mod. New ingame staff: mobs, weapons, vehicles and much more.

Gives the Command Station
StarFever Add-on 1.19

Command Station
Here you can get structures, notebooks and paint
You must crouch down to change between block modes

Infantry Station
Purchased in Command Station structure mode
Soldier's equipment:
Armor similar to iron
Cannot be broken
Cannot be enchanted
Shield increases health
Available in 20 colors (requires a paint station to repaint)

Paint Station
Allows you to paint equipment
First you must clear the armor with appropriate item
After that you can paint the armor

Deals 3 damage in close combat and 5 damage in close combat

Armor gives a small amount of light to the space

Transportation Station
You can buy Vulture airplane here
You can also buy a Siege Tank

Flying transport
You will receive a key once you install it.
Once it is unlocked you will get a control and three mines
You can paint the plane
Can even ride on water
Can shoot

Mobile panel and automatic turret
Can be purchased in the command structure
Can be disassembled in a squat

Melting torch
High efficiency and toughness
Cannot be enchanted

Vespene extractor
Enough to set on a vein to extract material

Mercenary Panel
Can buy upgraded soldier gear

Tech Research Station
Allows you to improve vehicles
Vehicle Cladding increases defense by 20% per level
Vanadium coating increases vehicle health by 15%
Biosteel allows vehicles to regenerate on their own


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