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Krafted Lite Add-on 1.19

Krafted Lite Add-on

The author of the mod Krafted Lite decided to pick up 10 add-ons that will significantly improve gameplay in Minecraft PE, but still leave the original style of the game. Initially, the Krafted compilation was created (link), where there were 14 additions. But then the developer decided to simplify the build and made a lighter version, which is presented in this post.

The improvements will happen without reducing performance: you will have almost the same FPS as you had before installing the build. Travelers will find new biomes, builders will find decorative blocks, and others will find new types of ore and armor.

Compressible blocks
New types of rocks
New food creation system
New mobs in custom biomes and more
New ores that can be used to make new gear
New rock formations and small blocks
Updated Nether and Ender Worlds with new biomes
Mini Bosses
Shearing Chickens


Krafted Lite Add-on 1.19

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