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Backroom Explored Add-on 1.18+

Backroom Explored Add-on

You probably often create horror maps to play with your friends in Minecraft. They probably have a lot of secret rooms and hidden corners where a lone monster hungry for flesh and blood can hide. That's why we recommend the Backroom Explored mod, which allows you to introduce different monsters into your creations and worlds.

Aggressive creature.
Deals low damage, but is toxic
Escapes when taking damage
Backroom Explored Add-on 1.18+

Death Rats
Aggressive and appears in large groups

Lots of health and damage

Skin Snatchers
Masked as a player

Moths of Death
Medium health and high area damage

Trades valuables

Party People
Fun mob

Friendly creatures that attack enemies

Aggressive and loud mob

Blocks and scenery

Small and dangerous spiders on the 8th floor

Attacks everyone

Big Fish
Lives on floor 7

Flintlock Pistol
Add a gun and a bullet to the workbench to reload the weapon

Changes in the new version
Added blocks
Added mobs
Changed blocks
Added items
Fixed bugs
Changed costumes
Added clothes

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