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Explosive Blocks Add-on 1.19/1.17

Explosive Blocks Add-on

The Explosive Blocks mod allows you to create trap bombs to taunt your friends in MCPE. Many kinds of blocks are available, which can be masked as other blocks. Other players won't have a clue that they'll explode in a few seconds and approach the blocks. Then you're in for some fun, and your friends are going to find their stuff from the inventory. In addition, the author has added new chests and even locks to keep players from blowing them up.

Most bombs are activated by projectile, destruction, or simply by walking through it.

Grass Bomb
Can be different from grass in different biomes
Explosive Blocks Add-on 1.19/1.17

Mud Bomb

Sand bomb

Stone bomb

Rock Bomb

Stove bomb

Flower bomb

Diamond Ore Bomb

Fortified Chest
This chest does not explode with bombs
Can be padlocked to prevent other users from using the chest

Allows you to lock the chest

Deep Shale Bomb

Bomb in the form of depth diamond ore

Pie Bomb

Low Power Bomb Mode

Medium power mode bombs

High power mode of bombs


Changes in the new version
Compatible with 1.19
Compatible with other textures
Fixed bugs
Changed block geometry
Added objects

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